Office furniture to suit any workplace

Whether you’re looking to update your existing office furniture or trying to accommodate growth, we’re here to help you transform your workplace with floor plans, furniture selection and installation to suit any budget.

Office furniture expertise

Getting the right furniture options for a commercial space is an entirely different experience than putting pieces together for your home or private office, which is why so many local businesses trust our services to get the job done right. There’s floor plans to consider and furniture configuration to maximise space within the office, all while ensuring employees are comfortable and productive.

We work directly with our clients to achieve a general design approach that identifies furniture needs not only for their utility that they bring to the office but also to convey the right brand appearance and impress clients — aspects of furniture selection that should not be overlooked.

The choices in office furniture you make — from reception and meeting rooms to cubicles and workstations — will have a huge impact not only on how the place looks and feels but also on the productivity (or lack thereof) of your office as well.

Smart choices for modern offices

With the help of our in-house office fitout and furniture experts, you can completely outfit your entire office with smart, savvy, and modern furniture choices that reflect the kind of the internal aesthetic you are shooting for. The furniture pieces you select will put a fingerprint on the office, indelible and entirely unique to the kind of space, personality, and atmosphere you are hoping to establish.

Custom office furniture and joinery, desks, chairs, storage, workstations, executive furniture, whiteboards, receptions, meeting tables, training rooms and ergonomic furniture. Choose the right pieces of furniture in your office with our help and you’ll have created a seamless work experience that conveys the kind of energy and atmosphere your personnel and clientele are expecting every single time they walk into the office.

Let us come to you. That way, we see your workspace and we’ll equip you with a complete furniture solution to meet your business dynamics and budget. We’ll consider your workspace size, numbers of staff and customers, OH&S, acoustics, aesthetics and your budget, so our experienced team can provide quality advice and the best value for money solution.

Office furniture to fit every budget

Regardless of the budget you are operating with, our design professionals will come up with options to suit a range of budgets for you to pick and choose from so that you never feel handicapped in your design decisions. We’ll also be able to come up with a prioritization plan that specifically focuses on allocating resources to the most important area of your furniture purchases.

Sydney office furniture fitout company

Office Fitout Group is a Sydney office fitout firm with a team of experienced professionals who will help you design the perfect workspace — and select and install the office furniture — for your business and ensure a smooth and swift transition from old to new. Book a free initial consultation and see how we can transform your workplace.

“The furniture pieces you select will put a fingerprint on the office, indelible and entirely unique to the kind of space, personality, and atmosphere you are hoping to establish.”

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