The Challenge

Built to make a real difference for real farmers, Agriwebb produces class-leading tools for individual livestock management. We’ve been given the opportunity to optimise and revitalise the office. By designing the right layout, we leverage a combination of natural light and a high ceiling to uplift the ambience of the office.

Key Features Of this Build

Space Planning

Functional Assessments

Office Access & Security

Project Management

Lighting Installation

Full Furniture Installation

Office Lighting Installation

Electrical Data Cabling

Equipment Supply

Design & Documentaion

Office Signage & Graphics

Office Flooring

Brand New Office

Our Approach

For this fitout, we took the time to understand the company and its values to create a working environment that is both healthy and effective. To accomplish this, we opted for a bright and open layout design. This meant removing outdated cubicles that were no longer in style and hampered productivity. We also took advantage of the office’s beautiful natural lighting by installing glass partitions, slitted walls and making the most of the office’s large glass windows.

High Quality Office Furniture

In our tailored solution for AgriWebb, we used high-quality office furniture throughout the project. Wooden floors in contrast with the premium feel of the steel frames evoke sturdy practicality to the space and help us achieve the ideal office furniture fitout.

Garden Walls

A wall garden is a great way to create a stunning and eye-catching entrance that will impress clients and guests, whilst creating a welcome entrance for your team. This feature wall was perfect for AgriWebb as it represents their connection with nature.