Office Partitioning Layout, Design & Installation

With the rising popularity of open plan offices, having an office door is a rare novelty. But open plan spaces don’t always support quiet, productive time — which is why we offer a comprehensive office partitioning solution.

Create zones with office partitions

When it comes to creating different zones in your workplaces, there’s a whole lot more to it than throwing up some walls and office partitions without a plan. Open plan offices are fantastic for collaboration and interaction, but they’re not so great if you need to take a consultation call or have a quiet desk meeting. Office partitions are the perfect compromise offering open plan workplaces that can be zoned to enhance productivity and create a logical flow of traffic.

As one of the leading office fitout companies  in Sydney, our design professionals understand exactly what modern businesses are looking for when it comes workspaces that are functional, creative, and productive. And office partitioning is just one of our areas of expertise.

The perfect design to get the most out of your footprint

Our office design professionals will work hand-in-hand with you and your management staff to find out how to best utilise every single square metre of your office space. We’ll design an office partition layout to enhance staff performance and create zones that meet your unique requirements.

Together we will be able to come up with clearly partitioned spaces that aren’t just going to delineate different work areas but are also going to intersect and flow into and out of one another to improve efficiency and promote productivity.

There’s a real art to getting office partitioning just right —  blending the functionality of your new partitioned spaces with interior design elements that break things up without feeling too cramped, crowded, or cold.

Endless partition options available

After we nailed down the new footprint for your partitioned spaces, you will be able to work without designers to choose from a wide range of different partitions — and a whole host of different construction materials — to achieve the kind of finished look you are after.

Everything from glass partitioned, aluminum framed partitions, glazed walls, translucent and responsive walls, and good old-fashioned traditional partitions (and more)  are available directly from our office fit out operation.

We can even work to customize your partition options to find the perfect look you are after, never putting form over function and always making sure that each individual partitioned space improves productivity as much as possible.

Steel Stud Dry Wall (plasterboard): Maximum privacy and sound proofing can be achieved by using acoustic rated plasterboard & insulation.

Glass: Allows light to flow through your office & maintains an open plan collaborative  feel.

Operable walls: When flexibility matters this is a great solution, operable walls allows you to create multiple meeting or training rooms for the smaller gatherings and can be opened up for the larger meetings. Endless options available for the finished surface, Painted, Fabric upholstered, Graphic film print, glass & more.

Office partitions Sydney

Office Fitout Group is a Sydney office fitout company with vast experience in office partitioning and a team of experienced professionals who will help you design the perfect workspace for your business and ensure a smooth and swift transition from old to new. Book a free initial consultation and see how we can transform your workplace.

“Office partitions are the perfect compromise offering open plan workplaces that can be zoned to enhance productivity and create a logical flow of traffic.”

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