An office is a place where we spend most of our time trying to make a living for our families. Even though an office renovation is essential for taking your business to the next level, you don’t have to break the bank to give your office a new look.

An office that requires renovation would indicate two things:

  • You have been in business long enough for it to lose style and appeal; and
  • Your business has started to expand

These are accomplishments that are really worth celebrating by all entrepreneurs. This article highlights some of the most important ideas for renovating your office.

Applying a fresh coat of paint would be the easiest way to renovate an office. Even if you don’t do any other work but change only the paint, it will suffice to project a complete new look to your office. If your office is a place where there is a lot of activity, you can choose a fiery colour to match its energy. On the other hand, if your aim is to reduce employee stress, choose a cool colour to calm down the nerves.

Improving your lighting is another aspect of office renovation that helps boost productivity. Dim lighting will deplete the energy of the employees and may make them doze off when they have less work. It will also make reading paperwork difficult, causing eyestrain.

Encourage natural light to flow through the entire office building. The wise use of natural light is one of the best ways to maximize your lighting system and save on energy bills. This is easily done by removing heavy drab curtains and replacing them with blinds to allow sunlight to pass through the building. Installing more windows also can help the office to be less dependent on artificial lighting. Be sure to install thermally efficient windows to save on energy bills.

office natural light

Cramped cubicles are not in style anymore. Cubicles give the idea of working in tiny boxes. The tight cubicle space has been known to hamper productivity. If cubicles are insisted upon be sure to make them big enough to allow the employees to work freely without being cramped in such an environment.

The latest trend in an office is to encourage open workspaces. They are more airy and encourage employee interaction which is highly conducive to enhanced productivity. An open floor plan always gives a feeling of space and expansiveness.

Comfortable seating is another important area that is often overlooked by employers. There are more and more people complaining of backaches and spine problems within the contemporary office environment. The main reason for this is uncomfortable seating options in most offices. An office environment would require people to sit for long hours at a stretch. Hence the seating in such offices must be comfortable and relaxing. This will help to derive maximum productivity from your employees.

Most offices face space problems due to lack of organization. Hence your remodelling efforts should include furniture that provides plenty of space for storing documents and files. It is always better to include a wall of built-in bookcases for an upscale look to your office. This doesn’t cost you a lot of money. It is by far one of the best ways of arranging files in your office while saving much required space at the same time.

Investing in a larger and greener refrigerator that matches the colour of your office wall is a great way to upgrade the pantry in your office. A long table would be fine so that everyone could sit together and have lunch or tea. The space should be well-ventilated for the employee’s benefit, helping to increase their productivity as well.

The above highlights are some of the most important office renovation ideas to help to increase employee productivity as well as make your office a pleasant place for your customers to do business with you.