What is separating meeting rooms from the kitchen area in your office? During the planning phase of any office fitout, it’s important to consider the office partitions areas that separate the various office areas, nooks and crannies.

If you’re unsure of how to go about these things, we can help!

Office Fitout Group is a leading brand in providing the highest quality plasterboard office partition walls for office fitouts.

We are an office fitout service company based in Sydney, Australia.

With more than 20 years in the business, we have earned a loyal following of customers ranging from startups to large corporate businesses.

Quality Office Partitions Fitout

Whether it is a complete office fitout or just a small renovation, our vast experience and expertise puts us in a unique position to align our commercial interior services to your business needs.

When planning your office partition areas, it is a wise idea to first consider the function of these partitions. Is it for privacy and sound-proofing? This would be the case for meeting rooms and conference rooms. Or perhaps it’s merely to give a modicum of private space, to allow managers to work independently of each other?

Office Fitout Group specialises in the provision of a variety of office partitions. This includes glass partitions, curved walls and plasterboard partition walls, depending on your specifications or needs.

Good office partitions does not have to be expensive. Our plasterboard partition walls offer privacy, are built to last and do not break the bank. Along with the all-important property of sound insulation, that can make the difference and mask the hustle and bustle going on outside.

We excel in providing the highest quality office partition walls at an affordable price.

Office Fitout Group is your one-stop office interior design and fitout service company.

Office Partitions Options

Steel Stud Dry Wall (plasterboard): Maximum privacy and sound proofing can be achieved by using acoustic rated plasterboard & insulation. For more information view www.rondo.com.au

Glass: Allows light to flow through your office & maintains an open plan collaborative  feel.

Operable walls: When flexibility matters this is a great solution, operable walls allows you to create multiple meeting or training rooms for the smaller gatherings and can be opened up for the larger meetings. Endless options available for the finished surface, Painted, Fabric upholstered, Graphic film print, glass & more.


Office Doors Options

Aluminum Framed hinge glass doors

Solid MDF hinge doors

Aluminum framed glass sliding doors


For Office door Hardware options click here:

Hinge Door Hardware

Electric Mortice locks