Office lighting is a subtle yet important addition to any office space. It can affect the productivity of work colleagues and peers.

Now, there’s a simple way to get an aesthetic, effective and energy-efficient lighting solution for your office.

Office Fitout Group offers an easy, efficient process for your office lighting needs.Our more than 20 years’ experience in the refurbishment industry has helped us to understand fully your office lighting and fitout needs.

We collaborate to implement and deliver a comprehensive lighting solution that is highly effective, affordable, eco-friendly and with minimum risk and hassle.

At Office Fitout Group, our team of office lighting specialists will take extra care to ensure a thorough and successful office lighting installation process.

When it comes to strength of lighting, everybody has an idea about what is optimal for productive working conditions.

A balance should be struck between being bright and dim.

Our team of experienced lighting technicians usually aim for around 300 lux when installing lighting as this is generally a good balance.

Office Fitout Group’s office lighting strategy is aimed at enhancing sustainability and cutting down on costs. Through the use of state-of-the-art lighting technology and innovative office design planning,we are able to achieve a threefold purpose:

  • Improve light quality;
  • Reduce energy consumption; and
  • Minimise carbon emissions

As with all other aspects of a successful fitout project, balancing the elements is key.

Too much light in a room can cause eye strain, and so too can too little light.

Darker offices that don’t receive morning and afternoon light will benefit from more lux; so there is no hard and fast rule.

Remember the golden rule that it takes approximately 40 minutes for the eyes to fully adapt to a darkened room, and ten minutes for the eyes to adapt to a bright room. Office lighting should always be context dependent, and also factor in the usage of space, during the design phase.

Office Fitout Group is a market leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for office fitouts and refurbishment.

When you hire with us, you will receive a customized package of services and products to fit your exacting needs and specifications.