Depending upon the function and the look that’s needing to be achieved, Office Fitout Group offers a wide variety of office fitout flooring that can include materials like hardy tiles, warm and natural looking polished timber and practical vinyl.

Two factors influence your choice of the right flooring:the purpose of the space and your budget. However, carpet and vinyl are the two types of floor coverings that have been the traditional favorites within an office environment.


This hardy material lends itself well to wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Office Fitout Group offers and fits a wide array of commercial vinyl flooring.

Vinyl is a cost-effective and sturdy flooring material. It comes in varying degrees of slip ratings.So,for safety purposes, it’s worth investigating the best type for vinyl for office fitout flooring.

At Office Fitout Group, we guarantee that all our flooring installation work is carried out only by seasoned craftsmen.

Polished Timber

If you’re looking for a flooring material to liven up a tired looking reception area or building foyer, polished timber would make an excellent choice.

Many establishments in the Sydney business district have benefited from our Polished Timber Flooring Solutions. We gave their foyers a flooring makeover with the warm and earthy tones of polished timber.And voila! Those once gloomy spaces are transformed into warm welcoming areas.

The two main types of polished timber floors are floating floor boards and polished timber flooring. The only downside is the poor acoustic qualities of this material.


A high grade carpet can withstand decades of rolling chairs and thundering feet. Office Fitout Group provides high quality yet affordable carpets for your office fitout. Choosing carpet as the option for office fitout flooring, can be a great option for its sound-proofing, insulating properties.

The value of new office fitout flooring is that it will greatly enhance the aesthetics and appeal of your office.

Whatever your budget and requirements are, Office Fitout Group has practical, appealing and hardy carpeting options for you.

Carpet Tiles

Office Fitout Group offers a wide range of colour, quality for carpet tiles for your office fitout requirements. If you’re looking for a versatile yet cost-effective office flooring material, then carpet tiles fit your needs.

However, it’s a common misconception that carpeted tiles can be replaced when they become sullied with coffee stains and grit. They can be expensive to install and replace. So if you’re thinking of buying carpet tiles, consider whether it’s feasible for you to use them.


This type of office fitout flooring can look sleek and elegant when installed correctly. However when installed in a less than professional way, the results can be catastrophic to the look of a room.

It’s best to use an expert like Office Fitout Group for this type of job.They have years of experience in getting tiles right for office fitouts.

At Office Fitout Group, we make sure that flooring installations are as unobtrusive as possible.Our qualified craftsmen can work on weekends or outside normal office hours so disruption to your office is minimised, if not altogether avoided.