Office Ceiling Design

Office Ceiling design can be as obvious or subtle as is needed in an office. Properly designed office fit out ceilings provide a twofold purpose: aesthetics and functionality.

Office Fitout Group has been professionally designing and installing office fit out ceilings for more than 20 years. We have earned the loyalty of a countless number of happy clients in Sydney, the surrounding suburbs and other parts of Australia.

Not only do our office fit out ceilings provide a striking impact in the work space, they can also be used for concealing air conditioning, sound proofing, sound systems and lighting.


Is your workplace prone to cathedral-like echoes?

Distracting echoes are often caused by lofty ceilings. And Office Fitout Group knows exactly how to remedy this problem.

Our tile systems and noise proofing solutions offer excellent acoustic and aesthetic benefits. They’re not only able to easily contain the echoes and noises, but are an attractive addition to your work space as well.

Ceiling Feature

Office ceiling design is a multifunctional part of the office that is often overlooked.

Office Fitout Group can help to turn this problem into a well-loved feature in your office. We are the experts in all kinds of bulkheads and coffered ceilings that offer stunning and appealing results, for shared spaces like open plan offices and board rooms.

Minimal Disruption

We know how busy an office can be. That’s why we’ve taken the extra step of making sure our ceiling refurbishment service causes minimal disruption, so you and your staff can carry on with running your business.

Ceiling Systems

View some ceiling system options from Australia’s largest manufacturer RONDO