Whatever the weather outside your office needs to maintain the right temperature so that staff and clients are comfortable.

We supply and install commercial energy efficient and environmentally friendly office Air Conditioning systems including ducted and split.

When changing the layout of you office you must consider mechanical ventilation & air balancing to suite the new layout, we ensure your office will have the adequate ventilation for your staff to enjoy a comfortable workplace and meet the NCC (National construction code).

A boardroom full of people requires an air conditioning system that ensures efficient airflow, clean air and controlled humidity.

A badly designed air conditioning system with poor air flow, not only leads to an unhealthy buildup of CO2 in a closed office environment, but to sky-high energy bills as well.

Poor insulation, an improperly sealed ductwork, and even cracks and leaks in windows can cost your organization hundreds of dollars a year. The skyrocketing energy costs, the rapid buildup of greenhouse gases in the environment only make matters worse.

Fortunately, Office Fitout Group has just the right air conditioning solutions for you.

Our air conditioning experts will use advanced detection tools to diagnose problem areas in your building that lead to health issues and high energy consumption.

With Office Fitout Group’s air conditioning services, you can have a healthy, productive office environment, conserve energy and save hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills.