Transform your workplace
with a new office design

When it comes to happy, healthy, and productive workplaces, office design can make all the difference.  Whether your company is just starting out, or you’ve decided it’s time to modify your work environment, we’re here to help you transform (and maximize) your space.

Transforming your workplace

A well-planned office design is what makes a space functional, creative, productive and enjoyable to be in. In fact, a good office design can make work a place we look forward to coming to each day — rather than a dull and uninspiring environment.

It all starts with the initial consultation

Our experienced  designer will come to your place of business at a time that’s convenient for you and together we’ll nail down the salient points of what you need in your office. Your vision for the space and your key requirements — form follows function, after all. We’ll find out what sort of partitions, if any, you’re looking for — desks and lamps, monitor stands and placement for desktop towers, the best places for cabling and wiring, and any other piece of equipment you need to help your company achieve the maximum benefit from a new office design.

Next up? Workspace planning

There’s nothing worse than crashing into something when you roll back from your desk, which is why we develop comprehensive workspace plans that take into account everything from at-desk functionality to staff movements around the office.

We’ll take your ideas and the items you want, and we’ll combine them into several different designs. With these designs in hand, we’ll sit down with you, let you look at them, and then listen to what you have to say about them. And whether a design is perfect as it stands, or needs to be adjusted – or if you want to combine several of the designs into one – we’re ready to do all of that.

Bringing the office design to life

When you’ve decided on the design that’s right for you, that’s when we come in and do all the hard work.

Our team will take care of everything that needs to be done. Whether it’s installing new carpet or getting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, our office design team puts the right people in place. We understand that you’re running a business and that when you’re at the helm of an organization, that’s where you need to be. You can’t be trying to match paint samples or deciding what wood looks good with a particular shade of blue.  That’s where our office design team comes in. We know not only what looks good, but what’s going to help you and your team maximize your productivity.

Sydney office design company

Office Fitout Group is a Sydney office design firm with a team of experienced professionals who will help you design the perfect workspace for your business and ensure a smooth and swift transition from old to new. Book a free initial consultation and see how we can transform your workplace.

“A good office design can make work a place we look forward to coming to each day.”

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